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A Guide to Commercial HVACR Products and Systems

HVACR systems are one of the hardest-working components of any large commercial property. Climate control and (indoor air quality) IAQ are essential for optimizing the comfort and performance of any building's occupants.

Because these systems require significant resources to purchase and install, installing them right the first time is important, especially from a contractor's perspective.

This article will discuss Johnstone Supply's commercial products and explain how we help contractors succeed no matter the size or scope of the project.

Contractor Considerations When Installing Commercial Systems

In order to make the right purchasing decisions, contractors must first evaluate the property and consult investors, construction companies involved in the project, and potentially its future occupants. Considering the specific heating, cooling, and ventilation needs of the commercial space is vital to select an HVAC system that can deliver optimal performance.

Contractors should determine whether to use single-packaged units or a split system. Single-packaged units are ideal for smaller buildings as they're easier to install and maintain, take up less space, and are generally less expensive. Split systems deliver enhanced flexibility, including zone-specific temperature control and energy optimization. In addition, they're also (on average) more energy efficient and have higher SEER ratings.

Of course, there are many additional factors to think about prior to installation, but listing every aspect of a commercial HVAC project wouldn't be a very enjoyable read. The list below lays out the basics:


Everyone recognizes the benefits of keeping costs down, but quality work should always take precedence. Simply, managing costs is not the same as cutting corners. When purchasing equipment, focus on value and not just the bottom line.

Saving money by taking shortcuts can be profitable in the short term, but when systems break down, you'll expend even more resources fixing the problem.

Compliance and Regulation

Safety and environmental compliance regulations change frequently. As a contractor, staying up-to-date on the latest guidelines ensures you won't be penalized with fines or get tasked with extra work replacing outdated parts. Compliance with safety and environmental standards is vital to avoid legal issues and ensure the safety of building occupants. Check out our recent blog post on how SEER2 regulations impact contractors.


Indoor air quality has a major impact on overall health. Studies from the EPA show that the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2-5 times higher than they are outdoors.

It's easy to overlook the impact of IAQ because most individuals mistakenly assume that HVACR systems automatically clean air. The reality is that installing equipment specifically designed to clean and purify air is the only way to have total confidence that IAQ is safe and healthy to breathe.

Energy Efficiency

Modern HVACR systems offer many features that improve overall efficiency. Based on the unique specs of the project, consider opting for:

  • Multi-split systems for large projects. Typically, they are less expensive than rooftop units, more versatile during installation (though not necessarily easier to install), and allow for greater temperature control in individual areas of the building.

  • Connected thermostat compatibility. Programmable thermostats give building managers total control of heating and air conditioning remotely and make seasonal temperature adjustments seamless.

As a general rule, regular maintenance can help prevent airflow restriction, which causes systems to work harder than is necessary. Switching out dirty filters should be a standard part of the maintenance process.

Why Commercial HVACR Systems Are Vital for Future Business Success

Contractors who develop a reputation of efficiency and competence succeed in the industry. Adequate training on the latest products and techniques matters, but obtaining the right equipment in a timely fashion is one of the most critical factors to project success.

The relationships forged with commercial clients are an avenue to securing repeat business and referrals. Additionally, as commercial spaces continue to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, contractors specializing in eco-friendly solutions can seize a competitive advantage in the market.

Johnstone Supply Facilitates Efficient Sourcing and Purchasing

Johnstone Supply developed the OE Touch app to make finding and purchasing parts and equipment more efficient. It allows users to create orders based on real-time pricing and company-wide availability from a mobile device.

In any business, the most important resource is time. Contractors who spend less time searching for specific equipment can focus on finding new business and taking on bigger and better projects.

Contact Johnstone Supply Before Your Commercial Property Project

Johnstone Supply offers HVACR contractors the largest selection of equipment and genuine OEM parts in the industry. We carry replacements for nearly every major brand, and our extensive cross-reference makes sourcing hard-to-find parts easy.

Get in touch with a Johnstone Supply representative before purchasing new parts or equipment, and we'll help you find what you need to get the job done right.

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