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Connected Home Products Present a Huge Opportunity for HVAC Contractors

From air conditioning to big-screen TVs, the latest home technology has always been in high demand throughout history. Today, smart home devices are the answer for busy homeowners looking to streamline their daily routines without missing a beat.

The term' home automation' entered the real estate and construction lexicon around the early 2000s and has steadily increased in relevance throughout the past two decades. Better engineering combined with cheaper technology means homeowners across the income spectrum can now afford the devices they previously considered out of reach. This article explains why Connected Home products present an opportunity that HVAC contractors can't afford to miss.

About Connected Home Products

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." MIT Engineer Ken Olsen's shortsighted quote from 1977 proves that market demand for new technology may not always be apparent – initially.

Of course, comparing a home computer to a smart thermostat may not exactly be apples to apples, but the sentiment still applies. The average consumer is slow to adopt new technology, but over time, "techy gadgets" become the standard.

Today's most common home automation (Connected Home) products include smart locks and doorbells, wi-fi thermostats, security cameras, smoke alarms, and even appliances like refrigerators. It's safe to say that any device or appliance in your home that doesn't already have a "smart" option on the market will eventually have one in the future.

How HVAC Contractors Can Upsell Connected Home Products

Home sales experts estimate that nearly 60% of properties already use a smart device, and that percentage is trending upward. Soon, homes without automated security and energy-saving features will feel outdated. That alone should be a motivating factor that pushes consumers toward installing these devices.

Although Connected Home devices are in demand, most individuals won't seek them out until it's time to upgrade other aspects of their HVAC system. Contractors know that homeowners typically prefer to do everything at once when they update their HVAC infrastructure. Energy incentives included in the Inflation Reduction Act will increase demand for HVAC installations, which means contractors will have more opportunities to speak with property owners about modernizing other aspects of homes and commercial buildings.

Connected Home Benefits for Customers

Home automation is an ideal upsell opportunity for contractors because Connected Home devices offer convenience, peace of mind, and energy savings in an affordable package. Any hesitation is likely due to wanting to avoid a 'learning curve,' but the intuitive software platforms make integration a breeze.

Manage Systems from Mobile Devices

Individuals can do everything from banking to grocery shopping on a phone, tablet, or laptop. Now, they can also manage their home's climate controls and security system from the same place. That means no more wondering if you remembered to adjust the AC or heat in your home before you left for vacation.

Energy Savings

As energy prices have risen over the past few years, reducing consumption has become a priority for many households. Connected Home devices offer remote control over heating and cooling functions and can also recommend "energy saving" settings that automatically lower energy use.

Safety and Security

It's no secret that crime is on the rise in many areas of the country. There are endless examples to draw from that prove the utility of modern security cameras and dynamic lighting systems for preventing theft or identifying the culprit after the fact. In addition, doorbells with cameras provide added peace of mind for those who regularly shop online – which is just about everyone.

Find Connected Home Products at Johnstone Supply

When it comes to generating extra revenue for your contracting business, we have the latest in-demand products clients want. Connected Home equipment is already becoming the industry standard, and modernization is always a good investment for homeowners. Products from brands like Google Nest and Resideo are making home automation easy, affordable, and accessible to those who are ready to integrate this technology into their daily lives.

Our expert team understands the unique challenges and opportunities in today's HVAC industry and is here to help grow your business today and in the future. Browse our inventory of connected devices online and find a Johnstone Supply location near you.


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