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How Johnstone Supply is Helping the Next Generation of HVAC Workers Thrive

It’s hard to imagine a world without functioning HVAC/R systems. Not only do heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems keep us comfortable, but it has also significantly contributed to improving and maintaining the collective health of populations worldwide.

Behind these complex systems are countless hardworking individuals whose installation and maintenance expertise should be noticed and appreciated. During June, National HVAC Tech Month, Johnstone Supply wants to highlight the value of HVAC workers and explore how we’re helping the industry thrive through our commitment to educating and training the people who make it all happen.

HVAC Career Opportunities and Salaries Are Growing

It's no longer debatable that the rise of AI technology and increasing automation will impact the future job market. However, despite an increasing number of career opportunities being replaced or limited by technology, the HVAC industry, in contrast, appears to be stable. As a result, job options in the industry should continue to increase moving forward. Moreover, because human involvement is necessary to install and maintain HVAC systems, we're confident that the employment outlook is as bright as ever.

Per the latest job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for HVAC workers are expected to grow in the next decade. The estimates range from 5% to 15% by 2030, but all indications are positive for those looking to enter the workforce in an HVAC technician or contractor role. Additionally, salary data reveals a 10% increase for HVAC technicians during the last five years, and there are no signs of this trend reversing.

While it's impossible to predict the future, the forecast is undeniably favorable if you're considering pursuing a career in HVAC or contracting. We look forward to doing our part in helping everyone achieve their full potential in this valuable and in-demand industry.

Johnstone Supply and J-Tech Institute

Jones Technical Institute (J-Tech) is a nonprofit institution that provides the HVAC industry with highly-skilled essential employees. A hands-on approach to career training gives students the technical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in trade and vocational professions. Upon graduation, students can obtain their EPA certification and immediately contribute to employers that need qualified workers with the latest HVAC/R diagnostic, repair, and installation skills.

As experts in the constantly-evolving HVAC/R space, we recognize proper training is critical to success. Johnstone Supply is proud to partner with schools like J-Tech by offering continued education to students and contractors. We provide relevant industry knowledge, like our S-Series training, for example, to help move the industry forward and empower people to pursue rewarding careers.

In addition to providing training, Johnstone Supply is making education more affordable through scholarship funds and donations to trade and vocational schools. We believe that talented and dedicated students who are eager to put in the time and work to succeed should have access to the programs they need.

Click here to read more about financial assistance and scholarship opportunities at J-Tech.

Johnstone Supply Takes Pride in Supporting HVAC Technicians

We’ve developed a reputation as an industry leader in providing quality, affordable HVAC/R equipment. However, Johnstone Supply goes beyond its role as a parts wholesaler distributor by partnering with trade schools like J-Tech and similar organizations throughout Florida.

We’re proud of our contributions to the entire HVAC community of techs and contractors, but our work is just getting started. We look forward to helping the next generation of HVAC/R workers receive the education and support they need to embark on fulfilling career journeys as employees or as owners of small businesses.


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