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Johnstone Supply Makes Ecommerce Easy for Contractors

The old axiom “time is money” is rarely more applicable than it is for contractors. Because the success or failure of a project depends on getting the job done within a predetermined amount of time, every minute matters.

Supplying contractors and HVAC technicians with quality parts and equipment is only part of what we do. Johnstone Supply is more than a wholesaler – we’re a support system that helps HVAC professionals generate better outcomes for their clients and their own businesses. Read on to see how we’re making the parts purchasing process easier and more efficient than ever.

Ecommerce Made Easy

What do clothes, cars, groceries, and OEM HVAC/R parts have in common? You can purchase all of them from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Johnstone Supply’s e-commerce functionality offers a seamless online purchasing experience that puts our vast inventory at your fingertips. Browse thousands of high-quality products sorted by category, or search directly for what you need with the manufacturer’s part number.

We get it – there are endless moving parts with any installation, maintenance, or building project. Contractors simply don’t have the time to spend hours tracking down a part or visiting stores around town hoping to find what they need.

Johnstone Supply OE Touch

As technology improves and regulations evolve, we recognize that contractors need a better way to ensure they have what they need to install compliant, energy-efficient systems. Our OE Touch app for Apple or Android devices puts part purchasing power in the palm of your hand.

ecommerce app from johnstone supply ware group

OE Touch connects you to Johnstone Supply anywhere, anytime. Create orders based on real-time pricing and company-wide availability, view your account information, take photos of requested products, and do it all from the office, the job site, or from the comfort of your couch.

Additional features of our free, intuitive app include the ability to:

· Scan barcode labels in the Quick Pad

· Contact a branch for special order items

· Map branch locations

· View bids, open orders, and order history

· View product spec sheets

If you’ve been searching for a better way to buy OEM HVAC/R parts and equipment, download the app today. The Johnstone Supply team is here to facilitate your success in any way we can and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about the ecommerce process.

Contractor Tools Is Your New Go-To Resource

Contractors need quick and easy access to specific, relevant information to make informed decisions. That's why we added an in-app resources page dedicated to charts, conversion calculators, duct sizers, and more. Now everything you need is in one place.

In addition, our Contractor Tools page also has product finders that allow you to purchase the equipment you need once you determine the right part for the job.

Efficient Part Purchasing Begins at Johnstone Supply: In-store OR Online!

For decades, we've supplied HVAC/R technicians and contracting businesses with the most in-demand parts and up-to-date industry information. We understand the unique challenges that contractors face and have made it our mission to support them every step of the way.

Whether you need new parts, regulatory information, or the latest training and techniques, our decades of industry experience have given us the expertise to help.

Find a Johnstone Supply store near you or get in touch online for more information.


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