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How Contractors Can Increase Profitability by Upselling with IAQ Products

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is vital to the well-being of a building’s occupants. This fact presents an ideal upselling opportunity for HVAC contractors because installing IAQ infrastructure means increased profitability while fulfilling an ethical obligation to create safe living and working environments.

Though outdoor pollution captures most of the headlines, indoor pollution represents a more immediate threat to most individuals’ health. Research shows that Americans spend roughly 90% of their time indoors on average, and indoor pollutants are often twice as concentrated as outdoor pollutants. These insights prove that finding solutions is essential.

This article will address how contractors can grow their bottom line while keeping customers safe by installing the latest IAQ equipment.

The Impact of Indoor Pollution on Health

Every structure faces a unique set of IAQ complexities, from small studio apartments to large industrial buildings. The primary sources of pollutants are wide-ranging and can include common household appliances like gas stoves, pet allergens, and outdoor pollution making its way inside. As a result, nearly every residential building is vulnerable to indoor pollution and could benefit from adding an IAQ system.

Whenever HVAC contractors install new equipment, it should be standard practice to emphasize the importance of IAQ. The data from numerous health and science institutions reveal how important it is to neutralize indoor pollutants. Per the World Health Organization, the combined effects of ambient air pollution and household air pollution are associated with 6.7 million premature deaths annually.1

If there’s an HVAC product that’s undoubtedly worth the investment, it’s one which protects against harmful bacteria, allergens, and chemicals from wreaking havoc on people’s respiratory systems. By presenting IAQ systems as much more than something that adds comfort or convenience, you’ll have more success in getting customers to recognize why they need them in their buildings.

Present Solutions That Prevent Problems

Though it may require an additional investment upfront, prevention is much more cost-effective than trying to fix the health problems caused by ignoring the impacts of indoor pollution. Fortunately, several standard additions to HVAC systems can help mitigate the risk.

Before introducing customers to the benefits of equipment like the Fresh-Aire UV In-Duct Purification System or a UV LED System for Mini-Splits, start with more traditional systems — for example, an AprilAire Dehumidifier or Media Air Cleaner.

Though dehumidification is not new technology, it's hard to overstate its benefit on IAQ. Excess moisture creates an optimal environment for airborne mold spores and bacteria that eventually enter the lungs causing significant health problems. Cooking, showers, and even innocuously leaving a window open on a summer day can cause indoor humidity levels to spike, creating a breeding ground for allergens. A dehumidifier gives property owners control over how much moisture is in the air, thus reducing the chance of irritants floating around.

In addition to a dehumidifier, a media air cleaner (essentially a filter) helps trap problematic particulates from entering and circulating throughout buildings. Johnstone Supply carries several AprilAire media filters that help protect and purify the air in properties of all sizes.

Package IAQ Products with Other Connected Home Device Installations

There's no denying that connected home products are finding their way into more homes every day. By allowing property owners to control their entire suite of HVAC systems right from their mobile devices, it's never been easier to monitor energy use while keeping homes comfortable.

In addition to temperature controls, AprilAire now offers Universal Wi-Fi Thermostats with an IAQ Equipment Control Module that puts air quality in the palm of your hand. Getting updates and insights while having total control over humidity and air quality has never been easier.

If your customers inquire about the latest connected home technology and how its applications for their HVAC, adding an IAQ component should be a logical part of the package.

Johnstone Supply Helps Contractors Grow Their Business

At the core of any successful company is the value it provides its customers. The latest information regarding indoor air quality reveals that the problem is widespread and has severe health consequences for millions of vulnerable individuals. When you offer customers IAQ solutions, you create healthier spaces while generating healthier revenue. Now that's a win-win.

As a wholesale distributor serving professional HVACR contractors, we understand what it takes to run and grow your business. For more information on wholesale Aprilaire or Fresh-Aire products, contact your local Johnson Supply today.




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