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Johnstone Supply – The Ware Group Announces Partnership with JB Warranties

Johnstone Supply – The Ware group is pleased to announce our new partnership with another industry leader, JB Warranties. As one of the nation's leading providers of extended warranties to the HVACR and plumbing industries, JB Warranties' Premium Protection Plan™ is the standard for ensuring quality work and consumer protection. This partnership will also provide our customers with more ESA/Labor warranty options, which is extremely valuable in an increasingly competitive warranty market.

Trust is at the core of our business. Through this new partnership, we can better provide customers with coverage that gives them confidence and peace of mind in the work they receive.

About JB Warranties

Investing in new, high-efficiency HVACR equipment and technology is a commitment. JB Warranties protects customers from unexpected repair costs following a system update, repair, or new installation.

Premium Protection Plan™, powered by JB Extended Warranties, offers the best warranty program in the HVACR and Plumbing industries. For the length of the extended service contract, customers can utilize their warranty plan to cover all repair costs of a mechanical breakdown, encompassing parts and labor.

JB Warranties Protection Plans Are the Best in the Business

Planning for problems is challenging, but the industry's best warranties provide flexible options that cover your needs. Customers can choose from three popular plans: Labor Only, Labor Plus, and Parts & Labor Plus. These warranties can be applied to heat pumps (complete HP Split system or package unit) and air conditioning (complete HP Split system or package unit) systems for total protection.

In addition, these warranties offer user-friendly features like an easy online platform and fast claim payment. No preauthorization is required, and plans cover all brands.

How HVACR Contractors Benefit From High-Quality Warranties

Outstanding warranty protection provides obvious customer advantages, but what's in it for contractors?

First, contractors who buy from Johnstone Supply – The Ware group can offer their clients total peace of mind, knowing their investment won't drain their budget if mechanical repairs are necessary. Higher customer satisfaction translates to repeat business and referrals - both of which are invaluable to business success. Second, contractors may be able to increase their prices as some clients are happy to pay a little more upfront for a lot more protection on the backend.

Simply put, JB Warranties isn't just here for your customers; they also help you increase profits. The company itself has stated that its core focus is contractors and their businesses.

Shared Values, Aligned Goals

JB Warranties is the ideal partner for Johnstone Supply – Ware Group because of our shared set of values. Both companies recognize the importance of providing exceptional service and maintaining a reputation of excellence in all areas of business.

Trust Johnstone Supply - The Ware Group and JB Warranties for All Things HVACR

When two industry leaders team up, clients and contractors win! Through our partnership with JB Warranties, we have the ability to offer a range of warranty options that cover unexpected mechanical issues for up to 12 years after purchase.

Johnstone Supply – The Ware group is always looking for new, innovative ways to make life easier and more profitable for contractors and their businesses. Get in touch with a team member today to learn about the benefits of our recent partnership with JB Warranties.


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